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Donte Harrington:  CO 2016  Boise State


"RedZone Elite was a great place for me to work my technique with coaches who have seen it all. The coaches helped me develop into a great player and they were always there to push me. Thanks to these men I had a place to improve and build relationships with like minded athletes."

Zack Lawless:  CO 2016 Dana Hills  Kansas State

My experience with Mr. Scott was nothing but awesome and I can say with certainty that he was the best sports coach I ever had. The applicable knowledge that he brought to the sport was much appreatied and was without a doubt the best coaching lessons I received from any coach in the sport. Plus, the energy and level of competition at the camp really drove me to compete even harder and was a great environment to hone much needed skills for my senior year.


The best and most enjoyable moments I had with Mr. Scott came from his correctional pointers he would give me after a play or a drill. They were not filled will scorn, but had the level of care that showed he actually wanted me to succeed not just for his own gain by mine primarily.


I would recommend Red Zone Elite and Lance Scott's teaching to anyone who wants to perform better in the sport of football.


Dave Marrazzo:  Son Sam CO 2017:  Aliso Niguel


My son Sam Marrazzo was a first team All-League offensive tackle as a Junior at Aliso Niguel HS, but did it mostly on pure, raw natural ability. He did not have a lot of coaching in regards to form and technique. I heard about Lance Scott and Red Zone Elite and started bringing him to the RZE clinics. After 4-5 months of training at Red Zone, my son’s technique and form improved exponentially. He went from being a D1AA prospect to being recruited by major Pac-12 schools his senior year. In addition to his huge growth in skillset, Sam developed some long lasting friendships with his fellow RZE players and Coach Scott.

Tucker Scott CO 2016 San Clemente University of Utah

Redzone Elite was a great place for me to interact with other players who had the same mindset as me. We all had that one goal of playing at the next level. Redzone Elite focused on all the things regular high school coaches overlooked. We worked on our flexibility, footwork speed, becoming a knee bender, and most of all technique. What I enjoyed about the Redzone Elite experience was it wasn’t a lot of stand there and listen to a coach talk the whole time. We were constantly doing drills to improve in all areas. If it wasn’t for Redzone Elite and the coaches that pushed me I wouldn't be at a Pac12 school on a Full Ride Scholarship.

Zach Cochran  CO 2017 San Clemente High School

Red zone elite has pushed me to become the best lineman that I can be.  The coaches always care for their athletes and just want us to improve.  They have taught me discipline, respect, and strength throughout the years that I have worked with the program and will be able to help anyone that comes to them.

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